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Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality 


Revolutionizing business processes through AR / VR / MR

SPACE1 is a revolutionary product that allows companies to implement Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality solutions in their processes, in a quick and flexible manner.​

The solution is aimed at simplifying the effectiveness of field operators, by triggering resolving actions and by sharing relevant information, through wearable devices.​

The opportunity of online and offline use on different devices (tablet, smartglass, ...) allows SPACE1 to be applied to most operational scenarios (e.g. remote technical assistance, training, virtual presentation of products).​

Case Study

Nice tests the virtual training

Thanks to Mixed Reality technologies we create virtual rooms, where remote training is performed in real time with 3D models and multimedia contents.

Case Study

Virtual Collaboration

A direct line for the exchange of information in real time between technicians and operational centers thanks to virtual reality.


Case Study

AR and Collaborative maintenance: ABS

SPACE1 provides innovative capabilities to enable real-time virtual collaboration between the Operations Center and technicians maintaining plant facilities.

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