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T1 Deus Technology

Defining a product offering that is sustainable and consistent with the aims and the life cycle of the customer

T1 Deus Technology aims to analyze, profile and monitor customers in order to:
  • Support promoters and consultants in identifying a range of financial and insurance products pursuing the achievement of the customer's life objectives, respecting economic sustainability (investments with a correct ratio between benefits and commitment required, insurance coverage able to mitigate risks loss of capital or profitability, loans to support) and taking into due consideration the uncertainty of investments;
  • Allow financial Institutions to direct and coordinate commercial action.


The platform is based on the proprietary robo advisoring solution, which integrates an engine capable of profiling customers in financial, equity and insurance terms and interpreting their needs taking into account their ability to save and risk propensity.

Starting from the needs of the client and the need for financial and insurance resources to satisfy them, the platform elaborates different scenarios, determining the relative distribution of probability of success.

The engine can integrate data from the information assets on customers already available at the Banks and Companies with the Bank of Italy statistical databases relating to the study of the wealth of Italian families.

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