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Digital Customer


A set of tools that offer a one-view of the Customer, offering & pricing optimization, proactive management of relationships

One-view of the Customer


VISAGE strongly innovates the traditional approach to customer registry management, with particular reference to:
  • Customer Centricity;
  • Omnichannel;
  • Marketing-oriented Processes;
  • On-Boarding of potential Clients;
  • Specificity of National / Supranational Regulations;
  • Worldwide Localization.
Offering & Pricing Optimization


H2O is aimed at allowing a modular management of the offer, promoting the declination of differentiated commercial policies, according to a plurality of criteria and implementing / monitoring the price governance policies. Furthermore, it allows the bank to quickly react to market changes, modeling its offering in terms of products / services / prices and quickly adapting business models.
Proactive management of relationships


HAPPY offers functionalities aimed at:
  • identifying the "Acceptable, Suitable and Sustainable Products" that perfectly combine customer needs and the objectives of the Bank / Company, in compliance with current regulations (Mifid, IDD, PoG ...);
  • combining the offering of proprietary and third-party products, connecting sales paths, enhancing the customer's centrality and maximizing profitability in the light of an institute's commercial strategies, the commissioning of the products placed and product performance;
  • providing a set of common services to vertical placement modules, such as:  
  • integration of information supporting the sales process and the dialogue with core and referential systems;  
  • combined view of the product catalog, including proprietary and third party products;  
  • placement management of third party products;  
  • validation of regulatory compliance, specialized by product type.

Case Study

Innovation for
Intesa Sanpaolo

Collaborating with us, Intesa Sanpaolo modernized its customer experience and improved the interaction with its customers.

Case Study

Customer-centred digital transformation

By analysing consumer characteristics and behaviours, new business automation technologies enable targeted pricing strategies to be introduced for banking products.

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