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Advanced Vehicle Management Platform


Monitors and manages vehicle fleets on vertical application areas, such as Freight Transport and Public Transport.

Engineering VooS AVM Platform

Public Transport becomes more accessible

VooS allows transport companies to trigger an efficient monitoring and reporting system for the services provided, which can interact with any existing system and allow an effective fleet management.

It also provides a set of services for users that enable a better use of public transport through innovative multi-channel information systems.

Efficient management of freight fleets

In addition to satellite monitoring of the fleet, VooS allows transport companies to activate an advanced maintenance system, based on diagnostic data collected in real time directly from vehicles.

The platform provides for the possibility of using different on-board devices based on the different operational and functional needs of each customer.
Engineering VooS Solution

How does VooS work?

Central system
  • Available integration with Moovit TimePro
  • Real-time localization and monitoring
  • Event and alarm management
On-board system
  • Multimodal localization and real-time monitoring
  • Multi-channel communications (long & short range)
  • Interaction with on-board systems, vehicle diagnostics and industrial equipment
Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Vehicle operating data acquisition
  • Acquisition of events and alarms of the vehicle and of the systems installed on-board
  • Schedule of routine maintenance
  • Management of anomalies and notification to the staff
  • Extraordinary maintenance management
  • Predictive maintenance
User information (Public Transport)
  • Display and announcement of the destination of the incoming vehicle
  • Consultation of transit times at stops (planned and real-time) via Moovit mobile APP / Web Portal, Smart poles, PMV and multimedia kiosks, SMS
  • Reading of service communications

The strength of integration Engineering – Moovit

The combination of Engineering’s development and integration capabilities and Moovit's solutions creates an innovative solution for the management of transport services.

Moovit is the world’s # 1 App with + 865M users in 106 countries in +3200 cities, available in 45 languages and accessible to visually impaired / blind and people with walking disabilities.

Engineering integrates Moovit's solutions to create a platform that guarantees unique functionalities and allows transport companies to derive value from the management system of their fleet.
Engineering VooS Benefits


On-board system that can be installed on industrial equipment or mobile devices, also allows hybrid and quick activation set-ups

  • With existing peripherals or new solutions selected by the customer
  • Native ENG maintenance systems

Advanced algorithms for real-time forecasts based on statistical data collected from the field

Advanced remote diagnostics and maintenance system to ensure maximum operational continuity

Public transport system becomes more sustainable, both from an economic and an environmental point of view