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Generative AI to enhance customer support

How Generative AI makes allows to optimize customer service management by developing a personalized interaction between company and customer, facilitating flow management and increasing engagement.


Focusing customer service on data and offering 24/7 personalized support is critical to address a rapidly changing market. Language models and virtual assistants based on generative AI allow to quickly adapt services to needs, delivering an engaging and relevant customer experience.


The generative AI-based virtual assistant directly interacts with the customer in natural language and can perform small tasks, such as checking the status of an order, the point balance of the loyalties program, reprinting a bill, etc.

The virtual assistant (copilot) also provides support in the interaction, for more complex requests, between the human operator and the customer by drawing on an extensive shared knowledge base.

At the end of the session, it supports the operator in several activities: it produces a summary of the occurred interaction, performs a classification of the ticket, identifies the sentiment of the conversation, and if, needed, creates a special knowledge base article to support future resolution of similar issues.


  • The adoption of a virtual assistant enhances self-service channels and increases case deflection.
  • To integrate generative AI within a Salesforce-based customer service platform, it is possible to leverage both the capabilities offered by Einstein 1 and to integrate EngGPT, Engineering's proprietary Large Language Model.
  • The use of a proprietary LLM allows total customization of the virtual assistant, which can be verticalized and scaled to the real needs of the customer, and guarantees high levels of control, privacy and security.

Expected Results

Increased case deflection for low-level informational or dispositive requests

Improved custom experience & satisfaction

Increased contact center productivity

Reduction in onboarding time for new contact center resources


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