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3rd Event Metric 2019 GUFPI-ISMA

3rd Event Metric 2019 GUFPI-ISMA

Engineering at the association appointment for the diffusion of quantitative software measurement techniques.

Padua, November 29 2019

GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Function Point Users Group - Italian Software Metrics Association), the Italian association for the promotion, dissemination and development of quantitative software measurement techniques, organizes the 3rd Metric Event 2019 in Padua on November 29th.

Engineering is present with Luigi Buglione (Industry & Services division), current president GUFPI-ISMA and Director of Conferences & Education IFPUG (CEC), with two speeches entitled "COSMIC Function Point: simplicity for complex architectural measurement” and “What is a Baseline? An Asset Management journey on Functional Reuse from a Metrological viewpoint”.

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