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AFTER, digital futures

AFTER, digital futures

In Bologna three days of events on the Digital Transformation.

Bologna, October 24 - 27 2019

From 24 to 27 October, AFTER Futuri Digitali takes place in Bologna, a nationwide event dedicated to spreading the Digital Transformation in contemporary society.

The festival offers an overview of issues related to the use and innovation of digital technology, from the latest evolutions of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, to the science of data applied to the territory, to understand the different ways in which digital can improve quality of the life of the citizens.

Engineering is sponsor of the event and on October 26th it will present the installation of Augmented Reality and Indoor Navigation at the Casa della Salute Navile, to demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence can change the user experience of social-assistance services: after the official presentation in the presence of representatives of the Region, Municipality and ASL, the installation will be open to the participants of the festival and to the citizens.

This year AFTER will develop on four key themes: Smart Working, IT Infrastructures, Digital Skills, Data Valley.

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