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An Italian Hub for Gaia-X

An Italian Hub for Gaia-X

Engineering intervenes at the kick-off meeting of the project for the development of a new European data economy.

May 28 2021

Gaia-X is a European initiative for the creation of a federated cloud, based on common criteria and standards for managing data and cloud services, which aims to develop a continental "data economy" based on European values ​​and consistent with the aims of the European data strategy.

Confindustria, in agreement with the Italian institutions, has the task of promoting the establishment and coordinating an Italian Hub, which will act as an aggregator and reference point for the development of the data economy at the country level.

The event on May 28th represents the moment to start a shared path, aimed at aggregating and coordinating all the subjects interested in the development of projects that aim to enhance data, and it is an opportunity to learn about the European project and the methods of realization in Italy.

Some "use cases" in the cloud / data / HPC field will be presented to promote the activities of the Regional Hub, stimulate the interest and involvement of local companies in the development of project ideas and thus favoring the growth of the data economy in Italy.

In particular, Isabel Matranga, R&D Chief Communication Officer of Engineering, will talk about our approach to Data Spaces and about the Eur3ka project.

The appointment is for Friday 28, from 9:30 to 12:00, with live streaming on the Confindustria website.

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