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AQUALITY Forum 2021

AQUALITY Forum 2021

Engineering presents the innovative project carried out in Acque Bresciane.

March 30 2021

Organized by IKN Italy (Institute of Knowledge & Networking), AQUALITY Forum is an event designed for companies in the water sector with the aim of facilitating the comparison and sharing of experiences on new organizational models.

Engineering is Gold Sponsor of the seventh edition that will takes place in "full digital" mode. The managers will be able to compare themselves on the interventions carried out so far, on the results obtained and on the technical and technological solutions to support the Sector.

During the "Technological Innovation" session of the event Massimiliano Fabi, Project Manager of Engineering, and Sonia Bozza, Head of SII Acque Bresciane, will give a joint speech entitled: "The analysis of M1 and the water balance | Water Operation RQTI in Acque Bresciane".

The intervention describes the project carried out in Acque Bresciane, relating to the real-time control of water losses, in order to promptly plan adequate interventions on the Water Network.

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