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Augmented and Virtual Reality: a new world

Augmented and Virtual Reality: a new world

A new Master Class edition with Engineering.

September 21 - 28 2020

Appointment on September 21 and 28 with Massimo Canducci - Chief Innovation Officer of Engineering - for two lessons of the Master Class of Operazione Risorgimento Digitale to tell how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are expanding the boundaries of our lives.

The "Augmented and Virtual Reality: a new World" course explains the functioning and use of technologies that allow us to broaden the boundaries of the reality we perceive, starting from the definition of the basic concepts.

The use cases of application in tourism, gaming, industry, healthcare and commerce are then presented. An opportunity for learning that allows us to understand what changes will take place in our lives and how extraordinary scenarios of innovation will open through the integration of enabling devices with exponential technologies.

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