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Clean Economy: future, business and sustainability

Clean Economy: future, business and sustainability

Municipia promotes the Bologna event.

Bologna, September 09 - 10 2021

The "Clean Economy" conference is held in Bologna at the San Domenico Center, on September 9th and 10th, and will propose an unprecedented approach, favoring the business, legal and tax perspective, on the challenge of doing business and innovative business while respecting the environment and responsible use of the territory.

The event will be divided into two days, face to face and online: academic experts and political interlocutors will take turns on the stage to speak to a qualified audience of entrepreneurs, professionals, stakeholders and university students. Several corners of companies and organizations will also be organized for the public disclosure of everything that can lead to improving the urban and extra-urban environment.

Stefano De Capitani, president of Municipia, will be among the speakers of the session "Green Tech, innovation and business for the ecological transition" scheduled for September 10 at 2.30 pm.


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