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Digital strategy in railways and in LPT: from digitization to AI

Digital strategy in railways and in LPT: from digitization to AI

The event dedicated to the digital transport strategy in the EU.

November 10 2020

Is there a common digital strategy in terms of transport for the European Union? The answer is yes, and the discussion and sharing event organized by CIFI (College of Italian Railway Engineers) is dedicated to this.

Digitization and Artificial Intelligence: what are the advantages they can give to companies and professions in the railway and LPT sector?

Here are a few:

  • improve business efficiency, work organization, the competitiveness of companies in the market
  • Artificial Intelligence can support decision-making on predictive maintenance to reduce manual interventions on rolling stock infrastructure
  • working with new technologies will allow access to new market areas.

The Engineering Group participates with two interventions dedicated to the topic:

  • Eugenio Balella, Account Manager at OverIT, will talk about "Augmented reality applied to railway maintenance" at 4:30 pm
  • Luigi Manca, Head of Simulation & Digital Twin practice, Automation & Control C.C. at Engineering, at 5:50 pm will talk about "The use of the Digital Twin to support decision-making processes in complex areas".

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