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European Robotics Forum 2019

European Robotics Forum 2019

The OPIL platform is presented during the two-day robotics appointment

Bucharest, March 20 - 22 2019

The OPIL platform "powered by FIWARE", created as part of the L4MS project that sees Engineering among its partners, is presented in these days at the European Robotics Forum 2019, one of the most important European robotics events, which brings together over 900 experts on the subject.

OPIL is an IoT platform that acts as an enabling technology for rapid experimentation and delivery of innovations on the market. The existing and tested components can be easily updated, adapted or replaced with more advanced components as soon as new technological inventions become available. Combined with 3D simulation, innovators and system integrators can design, develop, optimize and select the best solution for their business needs.

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