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FIWARE Global Summit 2019

FIWARE Global Summit 2019

Engineering at the event that on 21st and 22st May transforms Genoa into the world capital of Open Source software.

Genoa, May 21 - 22 2019

On May 21st and 22nd the FIWARE Global Summit will be held in the heart of Genoa, at the Porto Antico Congress Center, which will include Mayor Marco Bucci, Governor Giovanni Toti and our CEO Paolo Pandozy.

FIWARE is a completely Open Source European Digital Platform, born from the European Public Private Research Program "Future Internet".

In particular, FIWARE offers a rich catalog of generic software components that enable the development of "smart applications and smart solutions - Powered by FIWARE", oriented to different application sectors such as augmented cities, smart industry, smart agriculture and smart energy.

To give some concrete examples, our Digital Enabler solution has been developed using different FIWARE components, and this has allowed a significant saving of time and costs of realization. The independence, protection and enhancement of the platform are guaranteed by the FIWARE Foundation, a non-profit association of which our Company is a founding member, and which today has over 200 members worldwide.

For two days Genoa will host a thousand technicians, developers, entrepreneurs, universities, start-ups and large global IT corporations, which will enliven a summit full of content, scientific and business opportunities.

At the summit, Engineering will bring its experience and vision to the Augmented City and will be present with some stands to present, in addition to the Digital Enabler, the following solutions and projects:

  • Knowage open source business analytics suite
  • DM Coach app for smartphones to manage T2 diabetes
  • STORM digital platform for the protection and prevention of artistic heritage from natural disasters and climate change
  • MIDIH project that aims to create services to support ICT innovation for manufacturing SMEs.
  • Hyper360 project for the acquisition, production, improvement, delivery and consumption of an innovative free viewpoint video format (FVV)
  • NRG-5 project that contributes to the 5G PPP / 5G Initiative research and development activities.

Read the May 21st agenda

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