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From Power to Gas

From Power to Gas

In Bari the workshop about the project STORE&GO and the Troia plant.

Bari, May 20 - 22 2019

The workshop From Power to Gas: the STORE & GO plant in Troia (FG) takes place in Bari from 20 to 22 May. The sessions of the event, which will see the participation of Diego Arnone and Alessandro Rossi of Engineering, will show the context, the importance, the technologies and the economic aspects that characterize the Troia plant (near Foggia), the most innovative central Power to Methane in Italy.

The Troia plant was born within the H2020 STORE&GO project, which aims to demonstrate that methanation, the production of methane from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, can support the balancing of the electricity grid and, at the same time, produce zero-emission fuel.

The workshop will end with a guided tour of the plant.

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