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Gaia-X Summit

Gaia-X Summit

A deep dive from a vision to a tangible data infrastructure reality.

November 18 - 19 2021

Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud AISBL, a leading professional organisation, releasing the Gaia-X standard (a data infrastructure ecosystem that is open, transparent, and secure) will host its exclusive summit which will highlight the release of the next phase of Gaia-X research, the development and the progress made so far, while equally featuring an exciting collection of key speakers and reverent sponsors.

This year’s Summit will focus on the project’s current state, key insights and achieved milestones. It will also present the impact of Gaia-X from the users and providers’ perspective, take a glimpse at the Policy Rules and the upcoming Federation Services and last but not least discuss with European Policy makers.

Engineering is Platinum Sponsor of the event.

Dario Avallone, our R&D Director, is one of the speakers of the event as Chairman of FIWARE during the session “DataSpace Business Alliance: Gaia-X, IDSA, BDVA, FIWARE” which will take place on 19th November.

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