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Great Innova 2020: Festival of Innovation

Great Innova 2020: Festival of Innovation

Massimo Canducci at the event for non-metropolitan territories born in the province of Cuneo.

Cuneo, October 09 - 10 2020

The event dedicated to the discovery of digital innovations with a sustainable approach in both the environmental, social and economic fields.

Massimo Canducci, Chief Innovation Officer of Engineering, will propose on Oct. 10th a speech in which he will illustrate how: "The human being of the future will be augmented  thanks to technology."

New interaction paradigms capable of enabling a new man-machine communication, new types of intelligence artificial able to understand us better and better and to be proactive and not just reactive, new tools capable of overcoming disability at ever lower costs. We are moving towards an increased humanity and this will change everything ".

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