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Healthcare in the days of Digital Transformation

Healthcare in the days of Digital Transformation

In Sorrento a workshop to talk about the digital transformation of the health sector.

Sorrento, April 08 - 09 2019

Two days to discuss the opportunities offered by innovation and emerging technologies in the health sector and their social implications. The objective of the workshop scheduled in Sorrento on 8 and 9 April The digital transformation to integrate health and social issues: the meeting, which sees Engineering among its sponsors, is organized by AgID and ICAR-CNR in collaboration with FPA.

During the first day, dedicated to the Electronic Health Record, the topics of innovation, emerging technologies and how research can extract value from data through the tools made available by companies will be addressed. The round table The development of applications for the use of the ESF will also take place during the meeting: the point of view of the companies, which will be attended by Piero Corte, IT Research Director of Engineering.

The second day will propose a comparison and involvement of all the actors on the issues of Connecting healthcare, to arrive at the definition of an integrated ecosystem between health and social issues. The various technological, organizational and process aspects will therefore be analyzed from the perspective of community policies and related programs.

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