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InteropEHRate: coordinating health data in a smart way

InteropEHRate: coordinating health data in a smart way

A two-day workshop to present the results of the European project.

October 20 - 21 2020

The European project InteropEHRate, coordinated by Engineering, aims to create a bottom-up model in the health sector regarding citizens' data. Today the exchange of health information passes through EHR (Electronic Health Record), information systems made available by central authorities, which allow access to the patient's medical history.

Citizens will be the holders of this information: they will be able to have their health data on smartphones, using applications called Smart EHR (S-EHR). All relying on communication models and protocols that will allow the storage and secure exchange of data between hospitals or research centers directly and the citizen's S-EHR.

In this workshop the first results of this project will be presented; the event will be structured as follows:

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