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IT and Social Responsibility

IT and Social Responsibility

Engineering rewards the winning schools of the Programma il Futuro competition.

Roma, June 18 2021

The awards ceremony for the Programma il Futuro ("Program the Future") project of the Ministry of Education and the Computer Laboratory and School of CINI (National Computer Science Interuniversity Consortium) kicks off on June 18, aimed at spreading the scientific basis of IT and the conscious use of digital technologies in schools.

The 15 winner classes (from both primary and secondary schools) of the "IT and Social Responsibility" competition dedicated to the importance of designing digital systems based on human values ​​and needs will be announced. The initiative takes its cue from the inspiring principles of the Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism and from key concepts such as democracy, inclusion, respect for privacy, equality.

The project partners will reward the winning classes, who will receive useful IT kits: Eni (philanthropist), Engineering (benefactor) and SeeWeb (donor).

Launched in December 2014, the Programma il Futuro project has already involved 3 million students despite the very difficult situation created by the pandemic in the last 2 years and the consequent impact on the organization of lessons at school.

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