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Let's innovate: networks to unite, data to act (together)

Let's innovate: networks to unite, data to act (together)

The appointment with Municipia at the UNCEM national assembly is renewed.

December 15 2021

The UNCEM 2021 national assembly will be held online on Zoom from 13 to 17 December. Also this year Municipia participates in an open and constructive discussion with the network of Italian municipalities, communities and mountain bodies.

In fact, on December 15 (17: 30-20: 00) the intervention of the president Stefano De Capitani in the panel "Let's innovate. Networks to unite, data to act (together) ".

The conclusions of the day are entrusted to the Minister of Innovation Vittorio Colao and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Anna Ascani.

Click HERE to register and follow the whole afternoon.


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