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OmnitechIT at Itasec2019

OmnitechIT at Itasec2019

The event brings together researchers and professionals from the public and private sectors in Pisa to discuss the issues of cybersecurity.

Pisa, February 13 - 15 2019

OmnitechIt is sponsor of Itasec2019, the third annual meeting promoted by the National Inter-university Consortium for Computer Science (Cini), which until 15 February brings together professionals, companies and institutions in Pisa for a discussion on the issues of cybersecurity.

On February 15th at 11.30 Riccardo Morsicani, OmnitechIT Principal Security Architect will be among the speakers of the debate "New challenges and opportunities", where he will share the strategies on the cybersecurity of OmnitechIt with the intervention "Cybersecurity as a global posture", with which he will explain "the need for a new synergistic vision of security".


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