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Open Source toward Industry maturity

Open Source toward Industry maturity

Engineering at the OW2 Conference presenting the last new features of Knowage.

Paris, June 12 - 13 2019

On June 12-13, 2019Knowage team will be in Paris for the OWcon19, the international open source conference organized by OW2.

This year’s edition is entitled “Open Source toward Industry maturity”, bringing together technology experts, software architects, IT project managers and decision-makers from around the world.

Engineering Group is Silver Sponsor of the event and Knowage will contribute with:

  • 04:35 PM, Wednesday, June 12: “Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with Knowage: The New Features Showed in Real Cases” by Stefano Scamuzzo (Knowage Ecosystem manager)
  • 09:15 AM, Thursday, June 13: “Breakout Session – Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with Knowage” by Marco Cortella (Solution developer). This session will help participants to address their data visualization and data analysis needing with an OS software: a brief Knowage overview, followed by an how to session (datasources connection, self-service, cockpit creation, Kpi) and by technical and commercial info on how to embedd Knowage.

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