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Piattaforme per la Connected Care

Piattaforme per la Connected Care

Engineering at the webinar of Assinter Academy dedicated to the training path on e-Health.

July 03 2020

Engineering participates in the "Platforms for Connected Care" event within the training course of Assinter Academy dedicated to Italian in-house IT companies.

The objectives of the event are:

  • define the role of Connected Care and enabling platforms during and after the Covid19 emergency
  • present the new relationship between hospital and territory enabled by the introduction of innovative digital tools, such as telemedicine, and outline the good practices that emerged during the emergency and which should be maintained even after the Covid19 health emergency
  • present the main solutions emerged for the communication between doctor and patient, as well as the uses of these enabling platforms.

The online roundtable will be attended by Natalia Pianesi, Director of Public Administration and Healthcare Consulting of Engineering, to contribute with our point of view regarding the use of digital solutions in the healthcare sector, especially during the pandemic period.

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