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Placement Exchange: where training meets work

Placement Exchange: where training meets work

Engineering promotes the thirteenth edition of the Forum.

Verona, October 01 - 03 2019

The Placement Exchange ("Borsa del Placement") is scheduled from 1 to 3 October in the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona: a consolidated appointment for teachers, placement delegates and human resources managers.

The Forum is the annual event of the Stock Exchange, designed to create a direct link between those who, in higher education institutions and in companies, focus on the themes of placement and campus recruiting, as well as to promote the professional integration of doctoral students and doctors of research.

The Forum has two matching moments: "forU", dedicated to managers of placement offices and HR managers, and "forDoc", for the meeting between recruiters and PhD students.

Engineering is one of the companies present in Verona: after sharing the company's mission and culture, the career opportunities in the Group and applications for ongoing personnel searches will be illustrated.

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