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When digital and social meet

When digital and social meet

Municipia promotes the Voghera Digital online event 2021.

May 07 - 09 2021

The 2021 edition of Voghera Digital will be held from 7 to 9 May, a free online event organized by the Municipality of Voghera and the Compagnia della Corte with the aim of creating and strengthening connections between the Public Administration, businesses and citizens.

During the three days - among the many topics - we will talk about digitization of the PA, new services for citizens, business development and new horizons on the web, Internet for families, privacy and cyberbullying, workshops for children, promotion of the territory, Smart City and city of the future, PNRR and Recovery Fund.

Municipia will also be present: Saturday 8 May at 11:45 am Cesare Rovati (Business Development) will speak on the theme "When digital and social meet" together with the councilor for Social of the Municipality of Voghera Federico Taverna.

 More info and program on the event website



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