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Safer sea boundaries with ALFA

Safer sea boundaries with ALFA

The final demonstration of Horizon 2020 project in Portugal.

Cacela Velha (Portugal), October 10 2019

The H2020 project ALFA (Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking) is coming to an end and the project partners would like to share the outcomes of the project with you.

ALFA provides a solution for the detection of small aircrafts used to smuggle drugs from Morocco to Spain and Portugal. The ALFA system will assist law enforcement in the apprehension of drug smugglers; thus, curtailing the influx of illegal substances into Europe. The use of small aerial vehicles which evade radar are increasingly exacerbating the trafficking of illegal drugs between Africa and Europe. ALFA proposes a comprehensive solution which augments and integrates with current methods of radar surveillance along the European maritime borders.

The achievement of the high-level and the technical objectives, resulting in the ALFA system capabilities, will be proved in a realistic operational context using relevant targets in close cooperation with two principal end users taking part in the consortium, that are the Spanish Guardia Civil and the Guarda Nacional Republicana from Portugal.

The following capabilities will be demonstrated: sensing, detection, classification, data fusion, behavioural analysis, threat analysis, landing site prediction and the HMI.

The project ALFA is coordinated by the Austrian company TECHNIKON, under the technical lead of The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

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