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SAP NOW Milan 2019

SAP NOW Milan 2019

Engineering at the event where "smart companies" meets.

Milan, October 16 2019

Engineering participates and is a sponsor of SAP NOW, in Milan on October 16th.

During the workshops and meetings we will talk about the huge difference between what a company believes customers think of its products and services and what they really feel.

Starting from this theme it will be shown how the intelligent company can bridge this gap thanks to a digital platform that integrates core applications with experience management solutions, capable of combining experiential data with operational data (X-data and O-data).

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Engineering will intervene in two sessions:

Towards SAP S / 4HANA: the "back to standard" of Engineering - in which it will be illustrated how the back to standard methodology arises from the collaboration between Engineering, SAP and ENEL, with the aim of reviewing the custom park from a Cloud platform perspective and facing the subsequent migration to an ERP on Cloud solution; during the meeting the Run4Digital methodology will also be presented, developed following the project.

Isolfin: digital transformation in the Cloud - in which it will show how Isolfin, which operates in the petrochemical engineering sector, has chosen the SAP ERP on Cloud solution to start a digital transformation path in line with the expansion strategies abroad and strengthening partnerships with customers.

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