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Sustainability Forum 2020

Sustainability Forum 2020

Putting people at the center to propose sustainable and responsible innovation.

September 24 - 25 2020

In this complex year for the world of business and work, it is important to talk about "innovation" again, starting with the well-being of people, the focus of the event.

24 September | Artificial Intelligence Day: a day dedicated to the impact that intelligent technologies are destined to have on society, on work, on mobility, on our health.

25 September | Social Innovation Day: a day dedicated to Social Innovation, to the numerous ways in which the choices and strategies of companies can have an impact on society in a broader sense, in terms of environmental sustainability, health, gender equality, social inclusion.

Massimo Canducci, Chief Innovation Officer, will be present for Engineering with a speech dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, at 11:00 on 24 September. 

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