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Sustainable B2B mobility

Sustainable B2B mobility

Engineering takes part in the Fleet Magazine and Motus-E workshops at Key Energy 2021 in Rimini.

Rimini, October 28 2021

Reducing the environmental impact of corporate fleets will be at the center of the workshop organized by Fleet Magazine and Motus-E at Key Energy 2021, the event that will take place on October 28 in the Rimini exhibition center.

During the event, some hot topics at the center of the company agendas, will be explored such as the use and management of electrified vehicles, the integration of the various company mobility systems (starting from forms of sharing mobility), integration public transport and micro-mobility.

Among the participants of the event Federico Antonio Di Paola, Fleet & Mobility Manager of Engineering, who will bring our experience and some virtuous examples to demonstrate that the transition to the green can also become a reality in the business field.

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