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The AI revolution: Hype or Reality?

The AI revolution: Hype or Reality?

Trento hosts the Italian Innovation Day organized by EIT Digital.

Trento, November 28 2019

What is the state-of-the-art of AI applications? What kind of impact will Artificial Intelligence have on businesses and society in the near future? Who’s better positioned to benefit from the AI race?

EIT Digital will showcase its achievements and share its future perspectives during the Italian Innovation Day. “The AI revolution: Hype or Reality?"” is the theme of this year’s edition which will be held at the Trento Co-Location Centre.

The event will include keynotes from top level speakers, innovation activities' demos and opportunities for networking.

Central to the Innovation Day will be also the Innovation Village, where several demos of innovative products and services, stemming from Innovation Activities, as well as startups and scaleups in EIT Digital’s ecosystem, will be showcased.

Following are the projects with a partnership with Engineering:

  • DMCoach - App suite for personalized coaching and lifestyle awareness increasing in T2DM prevention
  • CaPe - Consent based Personal Data Suite
  • BRIDGE - Bringing together data and fact-driven decision-making with skill-based integration activities for migrants' inclusion
  • SIPARiO - SelfservIce Platfrom AR in Operations
  • CREEP - Cyberbullying Effects Prevention
  • CEDUS - City Enabler for Digital Urban Services
  • DESOLATE - DiscovEring SuspiciOus financiaL AcTivitiEs
  • SNAP - Seamless exchange of multi-modal transport data for transition to National Access Points
  • REVEAL - REVEAL disinformation over Internet

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