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The fight against disinformation

The fight against disinformation

Online event hosted by the Fandango research project.

March 26 2021

The Fandango research project uses AI, Big Data and Intelligent Analytics to fight and to contrast the diffusion of disinformation.

During the next online event "Fandango - Rethinking the possibilities of data and technology in the fight against disinformation" a group of high-level panelists from different sectors will share their insights on:

  • the role of the EU’s ICT policies in protecting European values, markets and citizens against disinformation
  • the use of Big Data and quality data for fake news and disinformation detection
  • the innovation and the role of EU’s ICT ecosystem against disinformation.

Engineering will attend the event with two speeches:

10:30 - 11:30. Big Data and quality data for fake news and disinformation detection
Massimo Magaldi. Senior Researcher, Digital Media and Energy Lab at Engineering. Fandango consortium member and Technical Director

11:45 - 12:45. EU’s ICT ecosystem against disinformation: the challenges ahead
Ernesto La Mattina. Research Area Manager at ‎Engineering. Activity leader at REVEAL - disinformation over Internet


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