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The future of energy

The future of energy

In Rome the final meeting of the project born to elaborate a shared vision of the new perspectives of the energy sector.

Rome, March 29 2019

The cycle of meetings The future of energy: the prospects for Italy in 2030, organized by Stefano Palumbo and Maurizio Urbani, ends in Rome on March 29th.

The topics discussed during the day, which will also see the participation of Engineering Fabrizio Fontaresi's Director of Consulting and Business Development Energy & Utilities and Engineering's Key Account Manager Mariano Marciano, will go from the technological evolution of the energy sector to the role of energy in the national economy.

The project was born to elaborate a shared vision on national perspectives on competitiveness, decarbonisation, evolution of systems and networks, research and innovation, enhancing the points of view of the main players in the energy supply chain. For this reason, a group of business executives was involved, asking them to participate in the creation of a scenario on the main medium-long term trends.

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