Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Towards a strong European ecosystem of data and AI

Towards a strong European ecosystem of data and AI

Engineering at the European Big Data Value Forum 2020.

Berlin, November 03 - 05 2020

The event organized in Berlin will offer a combination of physical and online sessions dedicated to Digital Transformation and Big Data in all business sectors.

The program will be structured around 9 main tracks each consisting of different main events and collateral activities; there will be four horizontal tracks and five vertical tracks on specific sectors, each led by renowned experts from the European Community.

Davide Dalle Carbonare of Engineering will be co-chair of the vertical track dedicated to Manufacturing, which will discuss the value of a business based on data and the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0.

Roberto Di Bernardo, on the other hand, will be co-chair of the Smart Society track, which includes smart cities, smart governance, smart mobility and smart environment: that is, prospects for sustainable and intelligent development in the business world and beyond.

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