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Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

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#PHASE 2: Municipia (Engineering Group) to help municipialities as they reopen

#PHASE 2: Municipia (Engineering Group) to help municipialities as they reopen

Safety and efficiency via digital technology.

Rome, April 27 2020

For public administrations, Phase 2 is an opportunity to transform past digital experiences into a way to manage the health emergency as we transition to a new normal. Municipia, an Engineering Group company that already assists municipalities with digital transformation, is dedicating resources, tools and developments designed ad hoc to ensure the safety of employees during this important period of reopening and, most importantly, the timely, quick provision of services to citizens, who need administrations to be a reliable and efficient point of reference now more than ever. It is with this clear mission in relation to citizens that Municipia is supporting municipalities and cities as they define a new identity that is technological, resilient and inclusive. It’s what Municipia likes to call the “augmented city.”

Grappling with the coronavirus emergency,” stated Municipia President, Stefano De Capitani, “is a historic challenge that has made us even more aware of how essential it is to offer, in all areas of interest to local public administrations, quick responses with the right technologically-advanced tools: from process digitization to social services and data protection, while respecting individual privacy, to manage and, in particular, to prevent critical issues. PAs have waited far too long. Now is the time to share exigencies and finally launch the process of redesigning services to take advantage of cloud-based technology in order to guarantee security, savings and transparency.”

How should back office operations gradually be updated? How should competitive tenders or bid hearing sessions be managed? How to ensure social distancing among employees and provide user support? These are the initial questions that each local administration is dealing with.

The first areas in which Municipia will intervene, offering immediate technological solutions, are:
1) Public assistance and social services: because no one should be left behind
2) Going back to work and socializing safely
3) Administrations within reach, for everyone
4) A new way of working remotely

1) Public assistance and social services: because no one should be left behind
Requests for food stamps and subsidies and their management - Because those in need should be able to submit their applications through a simple, easy-to-use tool
Each municipality has its own rules about how to distribute aid to its citizens. Municipia provides the web space, which can be connected to the governmental site via a simple link, and the cloud infrastructure for its provision (SaaS). In addition, thanks to its data analysis capacities, Municipia supports Municipalities in the verifications required to ensure the public that resources will be given to those who truly are in need.

By digitizing the entire process of delivering, receiving and verifying the requirements for food stamps, requests can be submitted and managed in a semi-automated manner from start to finish, including the creation of a list of qualified applicants. This means: multi-platform online applications and requests; the generation of lists/rankings; creation of food stamp PDFs with bar codes and their delivery via email; “verify voucher” and “spend voucher” services aimed at verifying the number of the voucher and it being marked as used (and thus invalidated) by the business.

Help desks and case reports – So that those in need always have someone to turn to, even remotely
A toolkit of instruments and services to manage local public assistance policies: the digital management of case reports and the procedures to request, grant and provide said benefits. A central database into which all information relating to services and interventions flows, including that from INPS (National Social Welfare Institution), SIUSS (Unique National Social Services Information System), and ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) databases.

A system to understand the needs of citizens – Because knowledge is the first step in acting quickly and fairly.
By cross-referencing local and national databases, the Municipia system produces detailed, complete lists of Big Data, necessary to optimize resources and identify timely responses.

Public assistance management – Because efficient management makes resources available to those who need them most
By cross-referencing multiple sources, from public administrations to the private social sector (where available), it is possible to obtain a clear understanding of local families. Through a navigable dashboard, it is possible to: respond to government public assistance policies; analyze social phenomena, drill down into details on individual citizens or family units; provide future governmental monitoring systems with a secure, complete database to increase the efficiency of the system; and monitor the evolution of social phenomena.

2) Going back to work and socializing safely
People counting – When it is necessary to check and monitor the number of people accessing and staying in certain spaces at the same time, the platform makes it possible to monitor and, if necessary, limit access to a specific area.
Through the installation of sensors covering access points to the space to be monitored, or covering specific areas within the space itself, it is possible to: monitor the number of people present in that space or part of it in real time; dynamically block/authorize access through a traffic light, variable display panels or mechanical barriers.

3) Administrations within reach, for everyone
• Virtual assistance offices – Connected communities, so the municipality and its citizens can stay in touch, even virtually
A new way to digitize municipal assistance desks and offices to provide an online channel through which people can submit requests and get answers, focusing on citizens and their needs, thereby creating: a single access point for workers and administrators; a single place (physical and virtual) in which users can get all the information they need; the integration of personnel files (of the taxpayer, business, etc.) that contain all data, documents, requests and responses; and a multichannel way to communicate with various sectors.

Request management – So that bureaucracy is no longer an obstacle
Municipia’s cloud-based platform makes it possible to centralize and standardize the process of compiling and submitting any type of application or request by citizens, routing it through the protocol system to the proper division of the municipal IT system. That means: no more fragmented systems, and a digitization process that involves interaction between public bodies and citizens.

4) A new way of working remotely
• Digital contact center – To simplify and expand the dialog between citizens and public administrations
Municipia’s cloud-based platform also makes it possible for public administration employees to work from home, without the need for public administrations to be equipped with devices , and citizens can choose their preferred way to interact (telephone, fax, email, chat, messaging app, social media), so as to route the message to the employee who will then provide support.

Virtual Desktop – To work from home, just like in the office
Many companies and public administrations were unprepared to deal with all their employees working remotely, because of the lack of company laptops and other suitable devices, and because of the unavailability of cloud services. For this reason, Municipia has implemented a simple, rapid solution to allow public bodies to guarantee their employees a secure virtual desktop they can use from home or anywhere else with internet access.

Digital Workplace – Digital organizations to change how we work, collaborate and communicate
During times of emergency (and not) we’ve seen how technological innovation, data and flexibility have reshaped how and where we work. Technological advances like AI and RPA adapt to different contexts and provide support for activities that require judgment, creativity and decision-making abilities, thereby generating new ways of thinking, collaborating and working.

Document Sharing – So all documents can be accessed and consulted, when and where necessary
By now, the entire municipal or city administration must be able to share its document archive while adhering to specific, secure and easily-configurable policies for access, classification and archiving. Municipia's platform makes it possible for each document, stored in the cloud, to have a controlled life cycle in terms of tracking the users who perform operations on it, ensuring that all versions of the document are backed up, with the possibility of restoring each of them.

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