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Cities are increasingly technological and at the service of people

Cities are increasingly technological and at the service of people

The challenge starts in Arezzo where Municipia will present is Manifest during the annual ANCI Assembly, scheduled November 29-21.

Rome, November 06 2019

 "A new city at the service of people: technological, resilient, inclu-sive: Municipia S.p.A. designs the urban centers of the future, moving from Smart City to Augmented City and placing people at the center. A new paradigm, laid out in the ho-monymous Manifesto (online at www.municipia.eng.it) which will be presented by the Engineering Group company at the annual ANCI Assembly, scheduled in Arezzo from 19 to 21 November. A document which invites mayors, trade associations, academics, citizens of all ages to an analysis and to action.

“Cities have an increasingly prominent role, both economically, in terms of employment op-portunities and the development of new supply chains, and socially, with the need to recreate communities and to keep them alive - says the President of Municipia S.p.A., Stefano De Capitani - The adoption of innovative tools alone is not enough however, as technology is not the end but the means; it works where there are an overall vision and a strategic framework for evolution that develop from listening to people’s needs, turning problems related to the management of services into opportunities.”

The Manifesto analyzes the current needs which local government decision-makers must tackle: the depopulation of some inland areas, an increase in energy and water consumption, an increase in waste production, the air pollution caused by public, private and commercial means of transport, the growth in health and social care, a widespread demand for greater security.

Hence the question: which are the cities in which the "Greta generation" wants to live and work”? “The requirement is for a city where the way time and space are used is “in-creased” - concludes De Capitani - and where the right to live the city is guaranteed to all, in-creasing its services thanks also to the intelligent use of technology and of new financial in-struments. We must be aware that cities can no longer be distinguished by different geo-graphical areas or by the color of the party administering them, but between those that decide to tackle change and those that postpone it.”


Improving public services and city life through new technologies means focusing on people's experience, working on key pillars: financial and environmental sustainability, safety, mobility, welfare and interactivity.

Municipia’s Manifesto identifies 10 areas in which new technologies can make a difference:

1. Environment and territory: stop waste management emergency
2. Welfare, how to restore social equity
3. Culture and tourism: from "Seeing and doing" to "Living and feeling"
4. Mobility: increasingly interconnected means of transport and people
5. Urban security: monitoring the territory through big data
6. School: teaching and studying become easier and more engaging
7. Taxation: the centrality of the citizen for greater equity
8. Energy efficiency: achieving more by wasting less
9. Online services: the key words are simplification and dialogue
10. Infrastructures and heritage: a "common" asset to be managed

A focus also on how change can and should be told through new communication tools and the use of artificial intelligence in the fight against fake news.

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