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Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Digital Workplace: when innovation redesigns the workspace (and work time)

Digital Workplace: when innovation redesigns the workspace (and work time)

Engineering, with 11,000 employees able to work in Smart Working mode and the full remote management of nearly 250,000 customer workstations, which become a fully “Digital Workplace”, takes stock of the tools and approaches available to us to change work life.

Roma, March 13 2020

An Instant Paper of summary and thoughts about reflecting on how to best manage this revolution in business organisations, even beyond the current Covid-19 emergency.

The Digital Transformation is profoundly changing the way we work: the latest technologies provide new tools that enable us to create a Digital Workplace in which a balance is struck between virtual space and physical space, where it is possible to achieve goals and create value relying on more versatile tools less tied to the concept of space and time. A digital revolution that enhances the productivity of the entire workplace, improves the exchange of information and learning, enables people to work safely on the road and remotely, facilitating Smart Working which today, in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, is vital for businesses and which, looking further down the road, will continue to be increasingly necessary and beneficial.

Indeed, if in these past weeks Smart Working has simplified and facilitated the survival of companies, it must be said that implementing it in a way that enables people to be truly productive and efficient is far from simple.

A Digital Workplace capable of truly innovating the way we work requires a solid strategy, an approach capable of allowing technological advancement and people training, increased productivity of the individual and collective productivity growth to go hand in hand. Only in this way is it really possible to enable a true and new corporate culture, shared by Top Management and by the individuals who work in the organisation.

“Like every element of the Digital Transformation, the only certainty is that change, once started, will be continuous” explains Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Engineering D.HUB. “It should not be a source of fear, but a mantra for everyone, managers and employees alike. The evolution of the business and, to an even greater extent, the cultural and organisational change that the correct adoption of the Digital Workplace implies will not stop and will become a driver of innovation and improvement of the company’s productivity, its entire production chain, value chain and people”.

Thanks to its 40 years of experience, Engineering now manages nearly 400 leading companies and as many as 250,000 Digital Workplace workstations, which allow employees to take advantage of technology to increase their efficiency wherever they may be worldwide. The Instant Paper entitled “DIGITAL WORKPLACE: redesigning the workspace and work time with new digital tools”, written by the Group’s best experts on the subject, discusses how to make the transition from a traditional to a digital workplace and how this transformation should be supported with Change Management programs, innovative e-learning methodologies and market platforms (Microsoft Office 365) as well as open platforms (LiveBox Suite), which make it possible to increase productivity, while at the same time improving sustainability.
The publication also looks at the advantages of Smart Working and at the critical issues that need to be overcome in order to start using this working model and ensuring it is as effective as possible.

The “Digital Workplace” Instant Paper is part of an editorial series with which Engineering takes a close look at the most important market and technological trends that characterise the Digital Transformation.

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