Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Engineering 365 is the result of the consolidated experiences of Engineering and MHT

Engineering 365 is the result of the consolidated experiences of Engineering and MHT

The company is a leader in the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

Rome - Treviso, May 02 2019

Engineering, one of the main worldwide companies specialized in services, software development and digital platforms to support both public and private companies through Digital Transformation, announces the birth of Engineering 365, the new institution which unites the skills and strengths of the Group with those of MHT, the company which joined it in 2014 and a leader in implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, which combines ERP, CRM and integrates with Business Intelligence and Data Science solutions.

The operation of rebranding and of reformulating the offer, obtained thanks to the synergies implemented to combine Engineering's strong design and managerial skills with the high and recognized capabilities of MHT, completes a process begun in 2014 with the acquisition, according to the precise vision of further enhancing the Group’s already extensive pool of technological expertise and of overseeing the market segments in which Microsoft technology generates greater value even more effectively.

Alfredo Belsito, General Manager of the Industrial Division of Engineering Group and Managing Director of Engineering 365, stated: "Engineering 365 expresses a very clear position in relation to the value that the Microsoft technology hub can offer us. By implementing all the synergies we currently express in the rebranding and repositioning of the company, we complete the range of solutions that the Engineering Group brings to the market in order to support innovation in the various Markets. Moreover, within a wider perspective, the choice is part of the evolution path of the offer of the Engineering Group, which aims to develop more innovative services, starting from the excellent specific expertise it possesses in the various technologies. For this reason Engineering 365 is destined to become the Group’s reference point for the Microsoft world". 


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