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Engineering acquires 100% of Deus Technology and accelerates in the Fintech market

Engineering acquires 100% of Deus Technology and accelerates in the Fintech market

Engineering as an aggregator of Italian technological excellence in order to grow and enhance the Group's innovative footprint.

Rome, September 25 2019

Engineering confirms its mission as an aggregator of Italian technological excellence in order to grow and enhance the Group's innovative footprint.
• On the industrial front, the operation allows Deus to strengthen thanks to the complementary nature of Engineering's products and services and to the synergies generated by the Group's constant investments in Research & Development.

Engineering, one of the leading Italian companies operating globally, supporting and guiding public and private companies in Digital Transformation, has completed the 100% acquisition of the capital of Deus Technology.

For Engineering, for whom the financial sector constitutes one of its constantly growing leading markets and which operates at the front-line to support customers in defining new services through the adoption of the most advanced technologies, this acquisition represents a further important completion of the skills and the offer in view of the new era of fintech.

Paolo Pandozy, CEO of Engineering, commenting the operation, stressed: “Our Group has always worked successfully to combine technology with finance. This union has given birth to the new fintech industry in the world. Faithful to our vocation as innovators, as well as to the mission we have set ourselves to enhance the best Italian technological skills, we have identified an excellence in Deus Technology. Supported by our ability to develop and govern the most advanced enabling technologies and by our international dimension, Deus Technology will be able to make a decisive contribution to the work we do every day to allow our customers to grow at the same pace as the exponential development of fintech services, starting from those of Wealth Management, a segment still largely unmanned in its fintech dimension, to then add many more”.

Paolo Galli, CEO of Deus, added: “Over the last few years we have received many expressions of interest from subjects attentive to our reality, both financial and industrial. If we have chosen to join Engineering, albeit able to continue a stand-alone growth, it is because we have found a common vision of the future as well as a very similar culture in terms of customer care, innovation and management. We made an industrial choice, therefore, in order to allow Deus to grow significantly and more rapidly in the near future, continuing to be a reference point in terms of innovation in Digital Wealth Management with a more extensive value proposition both in terms of product and of implementation".

Founded in 2010 with the aim of developing technologies for financial investments in order to support the evolution of consulting services towards Digital Wealth Advisory, Deus Technology has in fact been able to gain a leadership role in the Italian fintech market applied to Wealth Management, acquiring more than 30 of the leading banking and financial groups as clients, thanks also to a team of 50 people with top class specific skills.
Deus has established itself over the years thanks to the many innovations developed for its customers and to the participation in some projects both in the roboadvisory and in the robo4advisors service.

In particular, this collaboration will allow the creation of a Digital Wealth Management value proposition based on new concepts which combine state-of-the-art digital technologies managed and developed in outsourcing but governed by Banks in terms of content and financial strategies. One of the first operational objectives of the acquisition, in fact, consists in planning new models of Wealth Management platforms in outsourcing from a purely technological point of view , but governed by the Bank in terms of content and investment strategies. The international fintech b2b clearly shows how the trend is in services; platforms must act as enablers, at competitive costs, of the consultancy models which each Bank interprets in its own particular way.

Deus will maintain its autonomy and its brand in order to continue to operate according to the guidelines of its consolidated strategy of innovation and fintech b2b market leadership, even within a broader, more solid and international Group such as Engineering.

Deus was assisted in the transaction by KPMG as financial advisor and by Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato as legal advisor.

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