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Engineering awarded the Special Stakeholder Prize as part of the 6th Edition of the BBS (Social Responsibility Library)

Engineering awarded the Special Stakeholder Prize as part of the 6th Edition of the BBS (Social Responsibility Library)

The Company has been recognized for its focus on the long-term professional and personal growth of its employees through innovative benefit programs.

Rome, May 11 2020

Engineering has been awarded the 2019 Special Stakeholder Prize from Italy's BBS (Social Responsibility Library) for its “meaningful and substantial investment in human resources, characterized by long-term vision applied on multiple fronts, both professional and personal,” as stated in the award rationale. This recognition follows the company’s special mention in the last edition of the BBS awards in relation to corporate responsibility.

The BBS is a place to collect documents relating to social, environmental and sustainability reports issued on a national level, thereby facilitating their consultation. Each year, the contents of corporate responsibility reports published by Italian companies that have chosen conscious development models are selected and recognized, with the goal of sharing inspiring visions, best practices and their experiences.

Through the initiatives implemented, Engineering's Corporate Social Responsibility Report highlights the values that guide its staff management policies, such as professional training and development, the promotion of talent, the recognition of merit, shared goals, health and safety, and solidarity.

Claudio Biestro, General Manager of Human Resources at Engineering, reacted to the award: “I'm particularly honored to receive such recognition of our ongoing dedication to ensuring a workplace in which people feel welcome and given the opportunity to express their skills and personalities. That attention is focused on important employee benefit programs (supporting the education of the children of employees, corporate culture, information and free time) and on the creation of policies for flexible time management, proper life-work balance, and the promotion of diverse corporate teams, with the goal of enhancing skills and experiences. It is no accident that Engineering was also included in the 2020 Diversity Leaders ranking by the Financial Times.”

The commitment to meeting the needs expressed by people, including through tools that analyze corporate culture, led Engineering to be an early adopter of policies that allow employees to work from home. This flexibility has created a better work-life balance (over 64,000 days in 2019 alone) and proved to be a winning strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people were able to easily transition to working from home, without interruptions or slowdowns. And, in a very short amount of time, even the strategic activities of the Engineering's School of IT & Management were converted to e-learning modules.

“This award validates our diligence and will motivate us to continue to progressively expand our efforts to improve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the way we do business. It is a goal that must be pursued with the awareness that the future we build will benefit people only if we embrace responsible development,” explained Concetta Lattanzio, Director of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility at Engineering.

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