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Engineering D.HUB receives the qualification of Cloud Service Provider from AGID to provide services to the Public Administration

Engineering D.HUB receives the qualification of Cloud Service Provider from AGID to provide services to the Public Administration

A new important confirmation of Engineering Group's ability to provide reliable, technologically advanced services in the ways that respond to and guide market demand.

Pont-Saint-Martin, May 23 2019

Engineering D.HUB received the qualification of Type C Cloud Service Provider (CSP) from Agid, which allows the Public Administration to choose its cloud services during its path of digital transformation.

The qualification of Engineering D.HUB as a Type C Cloud Service Provider (CSP) received from AGID represents a further confirmation of the effectiveness of the strategy that the company has implemented over the last two years. In fact, while on the one hand the Engineering Group has always been at the forefront in supporting the Central and Local Public Administrations in their digital transformation, on the other, in recent years the subsidiary company Engineering D.HUB has begun a fundamental change of its offer from a multi-cloud perspective.

An evolution which allows defining a new managed technological platform on which to integrate digital solutions and services and to enable new business models for customers thanks to its “tailor-made”, flexible and continuously evolving cloud services. The high quality proprietary data centers infrastructure, the flexibility of the offer devised in an open and interoperability perspective, as well as the maximum security of the systems and solutions offered through its own platforms, have allowed Engineering D.HUB to successfully complete the qualification process as CSP to provide IaaS services and at the same time to enable the entire Engineering group to provide PaaS and SaaS services which can be published in the Catalog of Cloud services for the PA.

Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Engineering D.HUB, commenting on the result, stated: "Our Group designs processes and services to simplify and improve people's lives every day, and thanks to the experience gained on enabling and strategic technologies in this digital transformation, such as Cloud, Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, we flank many central and local public administrations in order to design the future of citizens. Engineering bases its business model on creating tangible value for the customer through the combination of software and value-added services within a co-defining approach towards objectives and business models. The IT world must today design innovative business scenarios, hiding the technological complexity from the customer and implementing these by orchestrating services created with constantly evolving technologies and delivered from multiple platforms. All these elements combined constitute the ecosystem of Digital Platforms, expressed in our offer, that we are happy to see entered in the Catalog of Cloud Services for the Public Administration, in order that they may continue to be available to the Country".

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