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Engineering in the ranking of the Financial Times Diversity Leaders Award 2020

Engineering in the ranking of the Financial Times Diversity Leaders Award 2020

It is the recognition for the management of diversity in the company.

Rome, December 05 2019

Engineering, one of the leading global companies involved in Digital Transformation, has been ranked in the Financial Times - Diversity Leaders Award 2020 - for the commitment that the Company places in the management of its employees with the belief that the human and professional quality of people is essential for business growth.

The Diversity Leaders Award 2020, which increases the many awards obtained during the forty years of the Group's history, includes Engineering among the only eight Italian companies out of the 700 analyzed which have been recognized for their actions and policies to raise awareness of diversity in the broadest sense, including of age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation (LGBTQ).

The project's methodology involved providing a questionnaire to a sample of Engineering Group employees, through which their opinions on how the company manages issues related to diversity and inclusion were collected.

For this project, the Financial Times availed itself of the collaboration of Statista - a German company which is an international leader in the field of market research - which from April to August 2019 circulated and collected a dedicated questionnaire.

Concetta Lattanzio, Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Director of Engineering, expressed great satisfaction: “Creating a stimulating and growth-oriented working environment has always been a priority for Engineering. Career opportunities, company stability, human relations with colleagues, customers, suppliers, quality of organization and workplaces, company welfare training are all central elements for us and we try to promote them with the awareness that they can improve productivity within the company. We are therefore pleased that our employees and associates, as well as experts in the field, have identified us as one of the best companies in terms of promoting diversity, a clear sign that we are working at our best. However, we do not want to stop here and for this reason we are always very careful to try to improve in all areas, including that of human resources”.

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