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Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

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PHASE3. The future of business starts from the Cloud

PHASE3. The future of business starts from the Cloud

Engineering's vision and offer on the key technology for defining the "New Normal".

Pont-Saint-Martin, June 22 2020

The Engineering Group’s ability to translate technological complexity and to combine market needs by building solutions which bring tangible benefits has led to a new Cloud services platform with unique features. Based on the synergies between different platforms, this simplifies access for companies and PA to the various solutions, thanks to an extremely intuitive marketplace, and accelerates the development of services by offering companies tools for governance and for a rapid interpretation of data in all its forms.

Engineering's Cloud platform is the result of a pioneering strategy which for years has focused on a hybrid multi-cloud approach (as detailed in the White Paper “Cloud” drawn up by Group experts) which now allows placing on the market the most complete, innovative and flexible offer of this powerful and invisible enabler, increasingly crucial for the strategies of companies which wish to evolve and expand their business, even more so now during the building phase of a New Normal post-Covid.

Francesco Bonfiglio CEO of Engineering D.HUB, the Group company which manages all Cloud activities, comments: “The Coronavirus emergency has created deep suffering but it has also marked out positive changes. It has become clear that those who had started a digitalization process were able to react better. A quantum leap forward has been made from which there is no going back. Now we are preparing to deal with the tough economic situation and it is even more vital for companies to have flexibility, independence from technologies and a fast capacity for change. In recent years we have worked to encapsulate the growing complexity of technologies within open and scalable platforms in order to refocus customers’ attention from technology to the design of new digital services and models. The Cloud is the terrain of a new world made up of completely digital roads, cars, cities, factories. A solid terrain, as it is anchored to existing and new infrastructures, seamlessly with a hybrid and multi-supplier approach. Without Cloud there would be no digital revolution”.

Engineering's vision is confirmed by a market which is increasingly aware of the continuous evolution of Cloud services, of the multiplicity of suppliers and of the need to combine the world of the Cloud, public or private, with that of the infrastructures and On-Premises services in a completely hybrid scenario. It has also been understood how the Cloud can eliminate the need for physical assets and infrastructures, but certainly not for their management.

Within this logic, Engineering's offer of Cloud services provides the freedom of choice between different Cloud technologies, comparing these and being able to also rely on management services. The catalog of services is directly accessible from the portal of the Group and allows to configure the technology, compare prices and automatically stock up in minutes.

In order to also respond to many customers’ requests to have their own Cloud services Marketplace, Engineering also integrates Cloudesire technology, the basis of its Cloud Marketplace, in the offer. Cloudesire is in fact the driving force of the service orchestration, provisioning and marketing at the base of Engineering’s Cloud platform. Based on a completely open architecture, it enables integration with any existing and future Cloud technology, governing the complexity of the multi-Cloud world even at the customer's location. Cloudesire allows you to disengage from the management portal of each individual Cloud provider, freeing customers from the fear of being bound or of change and enabling a more agile and faster transformation path towards the Cloud.

Created by Engineering D.HUB, the Cloud platform resides in the Group's Data Center network (4 Data Centers with over 6,000 sq. m. of surface, interconnected with each other with high-speed links, over 10 petabytes of data and more than 21,000 servers managed on behalf of 400 customers), is based on standard market reference technologies (VMware and OpenStack), and integrates the platforms of the most important hyperscale partners (such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google). The open strategy and the architecture of the integration engine allow Engineering to evolve the offer, integrating any new source and dynamically expanding the catalog of Cloud services, which currently also include those addressing the Public Administration, thanks to the platform’s AgID qualification.

The three IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platform layers constitute the basis on which the Group is developing the evolution of its infrastructural, platform and application services, in order to complement its portfolio of traditional services and solutions with another fully-serving one.

A new way of conceiving the Cloud today

Within the New Normal (to which Engineering has dedicated a detailed White Paper) which we are all called upon to build, the collaboration, data sharing, distributed computing, scalable network platforms, the solutions for process automation and of digitization of physical and production ecosystems all become key elements; without these it would be impossible to ensure the continuity of one’s business and of services to users and customers. None of these technologies would exist without the Cloud.

The Cloud, inasmuch as it is the virtualization and dematerialization of physical infrastructures, is at the basis of digitalization where the focus of customers is on the business and not on the technological complexity which, of necessity, will continue to grow. In the post-Covid era, therefore, it becomes one of the primary investment areas together with Digital Workplace and Robotic Process Automation, in order to dematerialize assets, remove any dependency on these, reduce the growing management costs due to complexity and security-related risks, escape from constraints related to the geographical location of the offices or to the attendance of human resources to oversee processes which can be automated.

Designing a path of gradual transformation of infrastructures and applications towards the Cloud, or of an acceleration if one already exists, is a necessity that all public and private realities are now having to tackle with a completely different awareness compared with the past.

The future sees the Cloud as the founding platform of every digital service. In any sector, be it public or private, digitalization is creating platforms and services which must be able to be used by any device, in any place and at any time. These services are based on large amounts of data, on a high computing capacity in support of complex AI algorithms, and on an economy increasingly linked to the value of the data offered or negotiated by those services.

Engineering's new Cloud platform for running these services is therefore flanked by another proprietary platform of the Group, Digital Enabler, which allows their implementation through the aggregation of data from any source, in addition to Cloudesire, the platform for creating the Marketplace, i.e. the point of access and use for these services.

The combination of these three new platforms constitutes a unique strong point on the market and a powerful toolset to concretize concepts such as Data Monetization, API Economy, Data Economy or, more commonly, the Digital Economy that we talk about so much and that without tools of this type cannot be put in place.

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