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Transparency in the financial statements of municipalities and investee companies:

Transparency in the financial statements of municipalities and investee companies:

Series of Municipia meetings in Rome, Milan and Bari.

Rome, May 22 2019

Municipia S.p.A. - an Engineering Group company involved in the digital transformation of the local Public Administration - launches the series of meetings "Consolidated financial statements in local Authorities": on 3rd June in Rome, 10th June in Milan and on 17th July in Bari

A need born in the light of the recent report (May 2019) by the Ministry of Finance on the results of the extraordinary review of public shareholdings, which reveals the necessity to implement actions in order to rationalize the latter with a view to improving public finance, and also in the light of the updates to the legislative decree which imposes the obligation on Municipalities, with at least one investee company, to draw up consolidated financial statements according to new and specific accounting principles.
Municipia, which works alongside municipalities of all sizes in defining strategies and tools to govern change, in addition to offering a wide range of technological and financial solutions designed to support the transition into "Augmented Cities", supports customers with a personalized consulting activity and technical assistance. At this time in particular, with priority over all the steps necessary for correctly drawing up the consolidated financial statements and for preparing all the instruments necessary to support the rationalization of investee companies.

This activity, which includes the support of specialized professionals, will be presented at three meetings: the first will be held in Rome on 3rd June at the Radisson Blu es. Hotel (via Filippo Turati, 171 - Termini Station). The speakers will be: Stefano De Capitani - Chairman of Municipia S.p.A.; Davide Di Russo - ODCEC accountant, Turin; Gabriella Nardelli - ODCEC accountant, Turin; Andrea Ziruolo – Full Professor of Business Economics at "G. D'Annunzio” University Chieti-Pescara, ODCEC accountant, Chieti; Marco Castellani - ODCEC accountant, Ravenna.

Stefano De Capitani, Chairman of Municipia S.p.A.: "We thought it useful to meet and have a qualified debate in order to take stock of the regulatory and technical interventions which have redesigned local Authorities’ regulations on the matter of financial statements and investee companies. We wish to support the Authorities by offering the necessary tools to understand the change and to respond to the new obligations. As Municipia we focus attention on the importance of drafting the consolidated financial statements and of monitoring public investee companies, tools which have now become crucial in order to provide maximum transparency and effectiveness of the public management, including to protect citizens.

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