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Recovery Fund

A great opportunity to restart and build our New Normal.

Next Generation EU

Recovery Fund and Next Generation EU, a European challenge

For Italy, and for Europe as a whole, the Recovery Fund will be the most important opportunity to unleash potential at a highly critical time.

Covid-19 has generated a strong acceleration of Digital Transformation and now, in the creation of our New Normal, these new resources will be the opportunity not only to fix what was not working, but to create a path capable of revolutionizing the country, making it become more competitive, more sustainable and more modern.

What is the Recovery Fund and how does it work? What is the difference with the Recovery Plan? What does Next Generation EU mean? What are the steps still to be taken to access the resources?
Digitization at the heart of the Italian Recovery Plan

Italy and the NRRP

On April 30, Italy submitted the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) to the European Commission.

At the moment, there are 3 pillars of the Plan: digitization and innovation, ecological transition and social inclusion.

The NRRP has 3 main objectives:
    repairing the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic crisis; addressing some weaknesses that have affected economic and social assets for decades: persistent territorial gaps, gender disparities, weak productivity growth and low investment in human and physical capital. boosting the ecological transition.
The resources earmarked for Italy equal 191.5 billion euros, of which 68.9 billion euros is represented by subsidies and 122.6 billion euros by loans.

Which reforms Italy needs to do to get the funds? And how can we concretize the projects to realize by Recovery Plan?



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