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Digital Waste

We redesign and optimize the entire waste management process thanks to new technologies.


We are observing a growing attention towards environmental issues by governments, cities and citizens

In this context, new technologies can make the difference by transforming the waste problem into an opportunity for local public administrations, multiutilities and sector companies.

Making a qualitative leap is now mandatory and can no longer be postponed: this is what we call Digital Waste Management.

By integrating tools and technologies we can optimize the entire process of managing waste and reduce related costs: from the collection service (vehicle management) to the disposal and recovery of the recycling waste (transfers to waste plants), to the pricing (determining the amount due and related collection) up to the investigation for tax evasion.

Our vision is aimed at improving service quality, reducing costs

We support administrations by sharing efforts and benefits, providing service quality, improving safety for citizens, optimizing management while reducing costs.

Our path of value creation unfolds on eight key points, in full compliance to reference legislation and related obligations:
  • Designing innovative waste collection, with intelligent containers equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) technology
  • Creating forecasting models to support management's decision-making process
  • Controlling and reducing costs for waste and tax collection, while reducing bureacracy
  • Improving environmental standards, by reducing non-recycle waste, supporting circular economy and planning waste collection
  • Reducing unpaid taxes by optimizing the collection processes and increasing their equity
  • Reducing tax evasion by maximizing the value of tax evasion recovered, reducing costs per capita
  • Increasing citizens' safety, leading to better quality of life on the territory
  • Effective and efficient management of the end-to-end process.


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Augmented City Consulting, Municipia

Stefano Baldin
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Business Development, Municipia

Alessandro Bennici
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Account Manager,

Mauro Bertoli