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Supporting organizations in developing and
implementing their omnichannel strategies.

Digital Solutions designs, builds and manages omnichannel and multimedia solutions. It is specialised in the development of hybrid and native client applications and web solutions dedicated to Consumer services.
Our consulting approach is based on the Design Thinking methodology and is dedicated to the Digital Experience.
We offer solutions dedicated to end-user services and to the interaction with IT systems, on all communication channels and any device connected to the network. We provide a seamless experience, thanks to native and web-based technologies that are integrated with any back-end system.

  • Mobile
  • Wearables
  • Smart TV
  • Set Top Box
  • Gaming

  • Portals
  • Landing Page
  • Single Page Application
  • PWA
  • e-Commerce

  • Proximity Solutions
  • Telco Services
  • Instant Messaging
  • Chatbot

We realize digital transformation together with our customers, identifying their needs and designing the most appropriate scenarios. We create solutions in interactive mode and we also support ordinary and evolutionary management of the business. We guarantee service levels, content governance and constant technology update.

  • Digital Transformation
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Experience
  • UX/UI Design

  • Content Management
  • Monitoring
  • Testing
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Care

  • Service Bus
  • Payment Systems
  • Digital Signature
  • CRM

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Five questions to...
Gianluca Polegri

Our Competence Center Digital Solutions' Director tells us how Covid-19 has changed the consumer market. And how the Digital Workplace and remote collaboration tools will evolve companies' business models.


Case Study

Sporty: tourism app for Regione Lombardia

An omnichannel customer experience project to innovate and enhance the tourism offering of Regione Lombardia.


Case Study

A new way to watch TV

We created a solution that integrates the digital entertainment offering with Netflix, allowing the user to pay directly with mobile phone credit.


Case Study

Engineering M-Payments: mobile payments are smarter and smarter

With our platform mobile operators innovate micropayments management improving the customer experience.


Case Study

Playing On the Cloud

Expanding the portfolio of entertainment contents and digital services for one of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide


Case Study

An innovative user experience

New technological architectures to innovate the user experience of a world leader in the telecommunications sector.