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We help our customers to accelerate the indispensable path towards digitalization, to create a new model of smart and dematerialized Company, always operational, safer, efficient and responsive to constant changes.

Digital2Evolve Approach

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Our Digital2Evolve approach and the Microsoft platform to transform and evolve business.

As Microsoft Gold Partner, we have always adopted a Business Consultancy approach: thanks to more than twenty years of project experience and our expertise on the evolution of Dynamics platform, we have a complete coverage of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering.
Our goal is to develop increasingly innovative services for the customer, leveraging the possibility of generating strong internal cross-collaborations. Digital platforms, technology and innovation are the pillars on which we rely to make each customer part of digital transformation.

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Microsoft Activation Services


Microsoft Dynamics 365

An all-in-one solution that combines the potential of ERP and CRM: thanks to modularity and scalability, it accelerates the business making this company application platform the fundamental tool for every strategy and operation.

Microsoft 365

Digital Workplace suite that adopts effective tools such as Microsoft Teams, Office365, SharePoint for document sharing and OneDrive for document management. The solution supports Smart Working and many other key digital initiatives for Digital Transformation.

Microsoft Power Platform

Creating a data driven culture is our motto. Power BI creates self-service analytics, analyzes Big Data with Azure and AI services. It enables interactive reporting with real time data, and machine learning integration. We create apps thanks to Power Apps, which is the basis of the extensibility of Dynamics 365, of the customization of Office 365 and of customized business applications for all customers.
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Azure & Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud we adopt for our projects. Azure is IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), an instant computing infrastructure, delivered and managed over the cloud. This allows significant savings, ease of integration, elimination of the problem of data storage and other Data Center infrastructures. With Azure as a cloud computing service provider, we can manage infrastructure, install, configure and manage Dynamics 365, other integrable software components and applications.