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Environmental protection and combating climate change are fundamental aspects of sustainable development. Adopting the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda means to deal concretely with how to translate the environmental SDGs into the management of the company, its organization and the conducting of its business.

In recent years, and since 2020 with increasing planning, we have taken on the fight against climate change, and more generally, the promotion of environmental sustainability, as some of the main challenges and opportunities for the Company and our Stakeholders.
We have ensured the green management of electronic waste, expanded the company's fleet of electric vehicles and adopted the most innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of our offices (which are now 92% powered by renewable sources) and our Data Centers (which are now powered by energy from 90% renewable sources).

This commitment is shared by the Companies of the entire Group, which have long since chosen to implement and certify an Environmental Management System in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

Corporate responsibility must be applied to strategic choices, to daily practices, to the creation of a shared culture, and also through information, training and the promotion of environmentally friendly behaviors.
We promote environmental awareness and responsibility along the entire value chain by promoting our Code of Ethics, making green mobility choices, contributing to research and development and participating in projects to protect, safeguard and prevent climate risks.

Among the most recent initiatives, participation in the CDP assessment - formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project - which highlights the company's desire to share with all stakeholders the status of our environmental impact and the initiatives to be undertaken in the short to medium term, in the firm belief that the environmental challenge concerns everyone - employees, customers, suppliers and the region - and that only by working together can we succeed in reversing environmental trends.
It is also worth mentioning the path we are taking towards obtaining ISO 14064-1:2006 certification, which has to do with the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals.
As part of the ever-increasing awareness of the importance of a sustainable supply chain, we have also recently begun to monitor the environmental performance of our suppliers.

However, we also contribute to sustainability through our own expertise.
In fact, we are concentrating our greatest efforts on innovation and Digital Transformation, which invests in and defines the New Normal, aimed at reducing waste of energy and resources in the management of cities and regions, optimizing work and production methods, and preventing environmental disasters.

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