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Governance Policies

A well-structured governance that aims to create long-term value is certainly necessary to achieve the best results in terms of environmental, social and economic impact. It can be considered the prerequisite for corporate sustainability, which is essential for defining corporate identity.
Our Corporate Governance system plays a central role in the clear and responsible performance the entire Group's operations and contributes significantly to the creation of sustainable value in the medium to long term for both shareholders and all Stakeholders, in compliance with the principles of social responsibility that apply in all the countries in which we operate.

Some aspects of the Corporate Governance focus on social responsibility constitute our Group's core set of values and practices, such as ethics, anti-bribery, information security and the related policies and procedures.
We have always aimed to implement and maintain processes that can ensure the identification, analysis and adoption of best practices and principles in the conduct of business.
In fact, our governance system aims to achieve the best balance between the need for flexibility and timeliness in decision-making, the search for the greatest transparency in the relationships between the various centers of responsibility and external entities and the precise identification of roles and responsibilities, for the purpose of guaranteeing correct and effective company management in compliance with the principles of our Code of Ethics.

Because we recognize the importance of the ethical-social component in the exercise of our activities, we have defined a social responsibility strategy aimed at ensuring high standards of integrity and transparency, which also takes into account the respect for human rights and the fight against bribery.
In the last year, the desire to focus our governance on sustainability has led us to adopt, at the highest level, the principles and values of international bodies. Our recent joining of the UN Global Compact and our commitment to the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-bribery, testify to the empowerment of the company leadership in these areas.

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